How I Found Out I was Having Twins

Apparently my doctor is in the business of torturing people. Because according to Google (and everyone knows if it’s on Google it must be true!), a healthy adult bladder can hold sixteen ounces (or two cups) of liquid. Yet my doctor had given me strict instructions to drink thirty two ounces of water before my seven week ultrasound!

So there I was, sitting in the waiting room awaiting my ultrasound and violently tapping my feet to try and get my mind off my rising urine levels. Throw in my morning sickness and all the crazy hormones swishing around my body and you’d probably run for the hills if you’d encountered me that day. They say misery loves company, so I suppose it should have been some solice to find myself surrounded by a whole lot of other disgruntled, urine-saturated pregnant women. Every time a person wearing scrubs entered the room we’d all look up hopefully, then simultaneously flash them a death stare as they called some other name.

In the movies the ultrasound is always such a magical time. Serene music plays in the background while the husband and wife smile lovingly at each other. The radiologist gently maneuvers the transducer over the woman’s belly and there are gasps and happy tears as the baby’s image pops up on the screen.

In reality, I found myself doing quite the Kegel work out with each violent poke and prod of my belly, desperately hoping that wouldn’t be the one to set my bladder off. My husband, Josh, was ordered to stay outside in the waiting room while they did the initial measurements.
“Wow, your bladder’s really full,” the student nurse remarked infuriatingly. (As if I needed the reminder!)

At first my mind was consumed with the abuse my poor bladder was taking, but after a while my discomfort turned to alarm. Surely an ultrasound shouldn’t take this long? My fears seemed to be confirmed when the student nurse turned to me suddenly and said, “I just need my supervisor to look at something.”
“Is everything OK?” I asked shakenly.
“Everything looks great,” she reassured me, but she had a weird look on her face and I wasn’t convinced. While she was gone, my mind went to horrible places. Chemical pregnancy? Blighted ovum? Ectopic pregnancy? Molar pregnancy? Needless to say, I was a jittery mess.

She finally returned with her supervisor and they both squinted at the screen.
“Wow, your bladder’s really full,” the supervisor remarked.
“I know!” I practically growled.
“Why don’t you go relieve yourself a little bit and in the meantime we’ll have your husband come in?”

Relieve yourself a little bit! She had to be joking. That’s like putting a starving person in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet and saying, “You’re only allowed to eat the lettuce.” I think I managed to reserve only a few drops.

When I returned Josh was there, looking all excited and nervous. They squirted some more gel on my belly and pushed the transducer around once more. The absolute maddening thing is, they didn’t appear to have any problems despite my bladder being practically empty. So what did they tell me to drink so much water for? An epiphany suddenly hit me. I bet the walls are actually one way mirrors and a bunch of hospital employees sit behind them with bowls of popcorn, laughing at our expense.

“Is that what I think it is?” the student nurse asked her supervisor, pointing at something on the screen.
“Ah, yes,” her supervisor answered. “Are you comfortable telling them or do you want me to?”
“I can do it,” the student nurse replied.
She gingerly turned the screen towards us and my heart stopped.
“What is it?” Josh asked, seeing my shocked face but unable to decipher what the blobs on the screen were.
The student nurse pointed at one blob. “This is baby one…” Then she pointed at another blob. “… And this is baby two…”
“What do you mean baby two?” Josh asked stupidly.
“We’re having twins!” I yelled.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband turn such a brilliant shade of white. After a few gulps he managed, “Can you make sure there isn’t a third one in there?”

People often ask how I felt in that moment. It’s difficult to describe. I was feeling a million things at once. These are some of the thoughts that were racing through my mind:
– WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!
– (*Long list of expletives*)
– I can’t even get my head around pushing one out, but now you’re telling me I need to expel two?
– We’ll be broke!
– Wait, is this one of those YouTube pranks?
– Awww, twins! (And I’m not sure why, but suddenly I pictured the Olsen twins, Tia and Tamera, the Sweet Valley twins and the Property Brothers all running happily through a meadow in slow motion).
– Wouldn’t it be funny if they were two boys? Then I’d have two penises growing inside me! Ahahaha!
– Wait a minute. It’s actually not all that uncommon to miss a third baby. What if-? (*More expletives*)
– I’ll never sleep again!
– Is this really happening?
– Haha,  look at Josh’s face!
– I really need to sit down.
– ?????????????????????

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14 thoughts on “How I Found Out I was Having Twins

  1. I had my first appt when I was about 9 weeks. My husband wasnt able to go because he had ACL surgery the day before. So I go to my appt by myself and the doctor starts the ultrasound. He then says “I dont know what you were thinking but there is 2” I said what? You BSing me right? (Only i said the real thing). He said no look, and he turned the screen around and said look theres 1 and theres 2. I said shut up! You lying! He thought i was crazy! I then sent a pic to my husband of the ultrasound and he says idk what i am looking at. I said its 2 and he was just like oh. (I think he was doped up on his pain meds) when i get home i start crying and he is like whats wrong. And i say what are we going to do? We have to pay 2 daycares and i am going to have to get out the military cuz we not going to be able to afford anything. His response was well we cant do anything about it now. well my twin girls will be 2 next month. My oldest will be 9 in Nov so yea the twins pregnancy was definitely a surprise cuz we were done. Wouldnt change anything though.


  2. went in for an early ultrasound because I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant. Told the tech I felt “extra pregnant” and I felt good about it (last time I lost my pregnancy symptoms when I miscarried so I stupidly joked that more symptoms meant everything was good) The nurse responds “Oh well maybe it is twins!” We both laughed..haha..yeah, right..start the ultrasound..”you ARE having twins” I just said Oh My God like 100 times then my fiance walked in (He had left to get my phone because we went to eat before the appt and I forgot it-double pregnancy brain) and I said “I have good news. The BABIES are doing great!” I had to say it twice before it sunk in and he just stood there with the most pure look of shock I have ever seen. As we walked out of the office we were both laughing and he kept yelling “we’re having twins!” It was pretty cute


  3.  I took my son who was 3 at the time. Also he was very set on the fact I was having two one girl and one boy.
    Went in got measured she asked if I was sure about the date of my last cycle. Then said she was going to take me back and have and ultrasound.  I am like okay cool. We go back and the lady is looking and looking then said, “okay, baby A is a girl.”
    I am thinkink huh WTH would she say baby a for? Is this something new? What is the point of this? Also, why didn’t she ask me if I wanted to know the sex or not?
    Meanwhile she is still looking at the screen. Then looks at me and said “Okay and baby B is a girl.” I was like did she say baby b? Then my son jumped up and yelled as loud as he could with his finger pointed at her ” You’re a lier! Baby boy is a boy!” I was in such a state of shock I couldn’t even say anything. I felt like I was moving really slow and by the time I made it to the car I was shaking. We had 2 already and I couldn’t believe we were going to have twins.
    Now telling Matt that’s a whole new story.


  4. One baby was really clear at six weeks and we saw the heart beat.  The doctor said “that’s unusual” and we freaked out til he said “Sorry,  there is something else there” Baby two was behind but at 8 weeks we had another heart beat. We Were So Happy- We tried 6 years for kids


  5. I was filled with fear because I had went through a miscarriage just a few months before this pregnancy. I was afraid to get an ultrasound because the last one showed the baby didn’t have a heartbeat and that I had lost it. So when the doctor placed that probe on my belly I was filled with fear, and she just smiled and said “Do you see what I see?” I looked at the screen dumbfounded and didn’t understand so I just took a stab at a guess. “Twins?” She smiled and nodded and I swear I almost passed out. At the time my husband was on a phone call in the hallway and the doctor went to get him. He came back in the room and saw me crying and it totally terrified him because he thought we had lost this baby. But after I informed him it was twins he looked at the screen and back at me and just blurted out the most random thing…”You are going to get HUGE!!!!” And now my rainbow babies are 2 months old and happy and healthy as can be. I’d like to think that one of my twins was the baby I had lost and he just wasn’t ready to come to this earth just yet so he waited. 🙂


  6. Nicely written. Our sonographer is very experienced so was able to tell us it was twins within a minute of starting the scan. I just looked at my husband and laughed, he had been joking this pregnancy was twins for weeks because I’d been so ill.
    Oddly enough I had a cousin in the waiting room for her first scan so we had to keep it together until we could process and decide who we were going to tell first. In the car on the way home all I said was “fuck” over and over again!


  7. Why the hell did they have you fill up on fluids?! We were told to use the restroom before we went in the room so they had a clear view. What you’re telling us sounds completely counter intuitive.

    We got the “oh THIS is why you’ve been so sick, there’s two of them!” Then we both had this look like “we’re well and truly fucked,” so the doc left and we cried not happy but not sad tears. Then doc came back and, yes, I asked to make sure there wasn’t a third hiding too 🙂


  8. Mine has you fill up through your anatomy scan because they can be sitting low, your bladder can push them up to make them more visible. They’d rather tell you to go pee for a different view then try to wait for your bladder to fill up for a better view.


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