Toddler Tantrums (Part 1)

Quick! Someone hand me a bottle of wine. I have officially entered the Terrible Twos (albeit six months early). These are actual reasons why my twins have thrown temper tantrums in the last month:

1) I took her trick-or-treating. Then people dared to put candy in her bucket.

2) I gave her sister medicine and not her.

3) I wouldn’t let her tear up her favourite book (Goodnight Moon).

4) I sang her a song that wasn’t “Eidelweiss.”

5) Someone looked at her and smiled.

6) She wanted to eat her candy but didn’t want to let go of it so I could open it for her.

7) I gave her the striped bib instead of the one with the giraffe. 

8) I praised her for blowing her nose all by herself.

9) She wanted me to take her socks off. I did.

10) Her water fountain kept falling over in the bath. She was the one knocking it over. 

What are some of the crazy things your kids have thrown tantrums over? And more importantly, how did you survive?


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