Toddler Tantrums (Part 1)

Quick! Someone hand me a bottle of wine. I have officially entered the Terrible Twos (albeit six months early). These are actual reasons why my twins have thrown temper tantrums in the last month: 1) I took her trick-or-treating. Then people dared to put candy in her bucket. 2) I gave her sister medicine and not […]

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The Ironies of Parenthood

What is it about motherhood that has me wanting to break out in song to Alanis Morrisette’s  “Ironic?” Lately I notice ironies everywhere. For example: – I’ve never felt so lonely before, yet I’m never alone (not even when I go to the toilet!). – The days are long, but the months fly by. – […]

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Twins Baby Registry Checklist

When I was pregnant I felt very overwhelmed with all the stuff I needed to buy for the twins’ arrival. I wished there was someone to guide me. So I’ve decided to put together this checklist in the hopes of helping other moms-to-be. It’s tailored for twins, but I’m fairly confident that parents of singletons will […]

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